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BALLISTIC CHAPTER 2Today Ballistic issue #3 is released.  I wrote and co-created (with artist Darick Robertson) this 5 issue series for Black Mask Studios.  It’s an utterly unhinged science-fiction crime saga about an air conditioning repair man and his psychotic talking gun.

People seem to be liking it – while making comparisons to Cronenberg, Aronofsky, Burroughs and comics such as Saga and Transmetropolitan, most bloggers and critics agree that it’s not like any other comic.

You can read more about it or order it directly (paper or digital) from Black Mask Studios

“Ballistic is my favorite comic of 2013.”
- Grant Morrison

“One comic in particular this year was a complete shock to the system. Ladies, gentlemen – I give you Ballistic! … FUCK YES!”
- Comics Beat (Laura Sneddon) [preview]

“In the future, your gun will talk to you — and it’ll be kind of an asshole. After we read Ballistic, we were blown away not just by the insane creativity of the setting, but the detail — it’s a world so fully-realized it’s like writer Adam Egypt Mortimer and artist Darick Robertson are secretly living there… It will be one of the most fun, unique sci-fi comics of the year.”
- io9 (Rob Bricken)

5 out of 5 Skulls “A hapless hero and his talking gun sidekick amidst the backdrop of a bioengineered future makes for one of the best and most original comic book series in years. Ballistic is one of the best premiere issues I’ve ever read. A true homerun on every level that is impossible to put down. Don’t miss this book.”

- Bloody Disgusting (Jimbus Christ)

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